Information about Teletubbies

Target Age

Very young children as well as toddlers

Episode Duration

30 minutes

Show Summary

In the magical Teletubbyland, four brightly coloured Teletubbies live together, play games, explore their surroundings and have wonderful adventures. They love technology and have a whole range of bizarre and wonderful gadgets to make sure they have all their creature comforts, like Teletubby Toast. They also love to sing and dance, and young viewers will often mimic their moves and noises.

Each character is a different colour and has a different shaped aerial on their head. They have television screens on their tummies that will often light up to show a short video – usually about real children learning new skills. Appealing to very young children as well as toddlers, the characters repeat certain phrases and words (often using their own language) and take a child’s view of the world around them.

Main Characters

Tinky Winky – (Purple with triangular aerial) The biggest Teletubby, he’s also a gentle giant and carries a red bag.

Dipsy – (Green with straight aerial) He’s the second biggest Teletubby who loves to dance.

Laa-Laa – (Yellow with twirly aerial) She’s the second smallest Teletubby and is always laughing, singing and dancing. She has a big orange ball.

Po – (Red with circular aerial) The smallest Teletubby, Po loves to ride her scooter and is a very easy-going happy character.

Noo Noo – A comic vacuum cleaner who likes to make sure everything is clean and tidy.

Educational Benefits

Teletubbies helps children to:

  • Follow a narrative and engage with a set of characters.
  • Improve memory by remembering each character’s name, colour and characteristics.
  • Engage with music and rhyme by copying the character's moves and noises.
  • Enjoy the stimulation provided by the different colours, sounds and shapes found in each episode.
  • Learn about the world around them through the short videos that are shown in the Teletubbies' tummies each episode.