Information about Peg+Cat

Target Age

3-5 years

Episode Duration

14 minutes

Show Summary

Peg + Cat is an animated math-based adventure series.

The show follows the adorable, spirited Peg and her best friend and loyal sidekick Cat as they embark on high-flying musical adventures and work together to tackle fun, problem-solving challenges in each episode.

Through engaging stories and laugh-out-loud comedy, Peg + Cat inspires preschoolers to see math as exciting, accessible, and exponential fun.

Main Characters


Peg is a young girl who wears a red hat and blue dress. She explains the situation in each episode directly and reasons out solutions to math-related problems. She plays a ukulele and has a special blue marble hidden under her hat. Her favourite crayon is "little bluey".

  • Cat *

Cat is Peg’s best friend. He loves circles and accompanies Peg on her adventures. Cat often inspires Peg to solve a problem. He also helps to calm Peg when she is "totally freaking out".

Educational Benefits

Peg +Cat helps children to:

  • develop new skills and strategies for solving problems creatively in their daily lives
  • understand basic maths concepts
  • learn through music and song

Peg + Cat is an animated math-based adventure series produced by Fred Rogers Productions