Information about Mr Bloom's Nursery

Target Age

2-5 year olds

Episode Duration

20 minutes

Show Summary

Mr Bloom is a happy-go-lucky, singing gardener who runs his own nursery, complete with singing vegetables (the Veggies), a belching compostarium (Compo) and lots of little children (the Tiddlers). Each 20-minute episode follows the Veggies and the Tiddlers as they help out Mr Bloom with his daily gardening tasks. Mixing live action of the children with puppetry of the vegetables, the shows are funny, full of singing and great fun.

Main Characters

Mr Bloom – A happy-go-lucky allotment owner who looks after the Veggies and teaches the children about gardening (played by Ben Faulks).

The Wee MacGregors – A team of cheeky radishes who often cause trouble but also love to help out wherever they can.

The Veggies:

Joan the fennel – One of the oldest Veggies in the Nursery she loves looking after people and organising things.

Margaret the cabbage – The quietest Veggie, Margaret is thoughtful and shy but has a great sense of adventure.

Raymond the butternut squash – A playful and clumsy Veggie, Raymond loves having cuddles and is prone to getting overexcited!

Colin the runner bean – One of the youngest Veggies, he’s enthusiastic and often finishes his sentence with “Bean”!

Sebastian the (singing) aubergine – A French character who sums up the programme’s events at the end of each show in a song.

The Tiddlers - The children who visit the nursery and learn from Mr Bloom and the Veggies.

The Compostarium (Compo) – A compost bin who provides goodness for the plants, he also is a fountain of knowledge providing ideas and tools to help the Tiddlers.

Educational Benefits

Mr Bloom's Nursery helps children to:

  • Understand how different plants and vegetables grow.
  • Get excited about gardening and getting their hands dirty.
  • Understand composting and different planting techniques.