Information about Mister Maker

Target Age

4-6 year olds

Episode Duration

20 minutes

Show Summary

Mister Maker is an arts and crafts programme for children aged four to six. It’s fast, funny and full of easy-to-copy activities. The presenter is a performance artist who creates lots of different pictures and sculptures, using everything from recycled washing-up bottles to leaves and twigs. Each episode showcases a minute make, where Mr Mister Maker has to beat the clock to finish a work of art. He also creates a huge picture in the studio using real children. The show mixes live action with animation to bring the world of art to life.

Main Characters

Mister Maker – A performance artist who presents the show, wearing brightly coloured clothes and often talking nonstop! He is inspiring, great fun and loves coming up with new ways of using paint and glue!

The Shapes – A triangle, rectangle, square and circle who jump about (I am a shape) and encourage children to think about different forms.

Educational Benefits

Mister Maker helps children to:

  • Get excited about craft and making things.
  • Differentiate between different shapes and colours.
  • Use their imagination to invent ways of using everyday items to make things.
  • Learn about different artistic techniques and vocabulary.
  • Develop hand-eye co-ordination by making things at home they’ve seen on the show.
  • Use fine motor skills when making things at home.