Information about Hey Duggee


Target age

2-6 year olds

Episode duration

7 minutes

Show summary

Meet Duggee, a big lovable dog who runs a club for pre-schoolers that inspires children to have fun, be energetic, and – most of all – to do things!

Each episode of this colourful, entertaining and occasionally surreal animated series starts with Duggee welcoming the Squirrels, a bunch of curious little characters who are dropped off at the club by their parents. That marks the start of laughter and learning as they discover new things about the world around them, all under the patient guidance of Duggee.

Their often comic and slapstick adventures captivate young viewers and encourage them to actively solve a problem by moving, jumping, running and skipping. Duggee always rewards the club members with a squirrel activity badge, which they proudly show to their parents as they pick them up at the end of each show.

Main characters

Duggee – A scoutmaster who is a brown dog. He is the leader of The Squirrel Club. Unlike the children, he does not speak and only communicates via A-WOOF!

Tag – a sweet-natured rhino with thick skin, which is just as well as he is quite clumsy and often bumps into things.

Betty – an intelligent and imaginative octopus.

Roly – a hyperactive hippo who is wildly enthusiastic about everything.

Happy – a small, happy (obviously!) crocodile who loves splashing in any body of water.

Norrie  – a chatty, giggly, super-fast wombat!

Educational benefits

Hey Duggee helps children to:

  • Develop perspective and empathy for others.
  • Develop problem-solving skills.
  • Understand different relationships and friendships.