Information about Go Jetters

Target age

4-6 years

Episode duration

11 minutes

Show Summary

Go Jetters follows the adventures of four plucky heroes, Xuli, Kyan, Lars and Foz, as they travel the world with their teacher, mentor and friend, Ubercorn, a funky disco-grooving unicorn.

The Go Jetters are all students of the Go Jet Academy and are undertaking the final part of their geographical training – the field trip. Their assignment is to learn about the many fascinating landmarks that adorn our world. However, due to the meddlings of failed student Grandmaster Glitch, their assignment quickly turns into a mission to save the landmarks and to restore them to their former glory.

The series is packed with teamwork, thrilling action, awesome sights and fantastic facts about brand new places, all with a rich comedy tone!

Main characters

Xuli – Coolest in the crew, Xuli’s ready to save the day with style and a shimmy. Xuli is the type who thinks and reacts fast in the moment, under pressure, usually without breaking a sweat.

Kyan – Kyan puts the ‘Go’ in Go Jetters. A geography gymnast who dives straight in, acting first and thinking later, he has earned pretty much every single trophy for outdoor adventure skills – there isn’t any terrain that he won’t tackle.

Lars – Lars is a fixer and a thinker – the Go Jetters’ mechanic and gentle giant of the team. A botanist as well as mechanic, with an equal love of plants and pliers, he talks less than his chattering teammates, but when he does speak, you really listen.

Foz – Foz is a jabbering genius and the hyperactive brains of the crew. He can think about a problem in a new way when the team are stuck and join clues together. When he just can’t get the information out quick enough, he sometimes talks in equations.

Ubercorn – A friendly, loud and hyperactive mentor, Ubercorn is the Go Jetters’ disco-dancing geography guide to all the places around the world. As a mentor, he wants them to take the lead, but he’s also there to answer any questions and make sure they don’t go too far off track.

Grandmaster Glitch – Grandmaster Glitch is the show’s mischievous rogue, living on the greyer side of the clouds in his grimy Grim HQ base. Glitch just can’t resist meddling with monuments, transforming landmarks into personal playthings and jumbling things up.

Educational benefits

Go Jetters helps children to:

  • Understand the basics of geography in a fun and exploratory way
  • Develop a sense of location and place
  • Think about team-work and problem solving