Information about Clangers Series 3

Target age

2-5 years

Episode information

Starts 19th August, Monday - Fridays at 6:15pm

Episode duration

11 minutes          

Show summary

The Clangers whistle their way through a new set of adventures on their little blue planet far out in the starry stretches of outer space. In each charming episode, these inqusitive pink creatures solve a problem, make a discovery or invent something, as well as having fun with friends including the Soup Dragon, the Iron Chicken and Froglets.

The Clangers are a family of pink, long-nosed, inventive and inquisitive mouse-shaped creatures who live on a small blue planet, out in the starry stretches of space not far from our world. They communicate with distinctive whistles and a narrator assists our audience by commenting on their everyday events and adventures – rather like a knowing wildlife observer.

Main characters

Major – Major Clanger is the head of the household. He often creates new and 'useful' inventions, some of which actually work from time to time!

Mother – Mother Clanger is practical, inquisitive and loving. She can turn her hand to pretty much anything, particularly tending to her garden of weird and wonderful herbs and plants.

Small – Small is filled with a healthy curiosity for the world around him and has inherited much of his father's passion for inventing things. He has an adventurous and impetuous spirit and shares a strong and loving bond with his sister, Tiny.

Tiny – Tiny is Small's younger sister. She is instinctive and artistic. Tiny loves the music and sounds of the planet and she can often be found conducting the music trees.

Granny – Granny Clanger is Major Clanger's mother. She knits with a passion, often making accessories and toys for the children. She has a sharp and agile mind and is a treasure trove of homespun wisdom.

Iron Chicken – The Iron Chicken lives in a nest made from scrap metal floating high above the Clangers' planet. She is particularly fond of junk metal. The Iron Chicken and Tiny Clanger are close friends and share many adventures.

Soup Dragons – The Soup Dragon lives underground, in the volcanic soup that is the staple of the Clangers' diet. She has a small son, Baby Soup Dragon, who lives with her.

Froglets – The Froglets are very bouncy creatures with spring-like locomotion. They can change colour for no apparent reason. The Froglets are mischievous and live underground in a vertical lake.

Educational benefits

Clangers helps children to:

  • Think creatively and imaginatively when problem-solving.
  • Develop perspective and empathy for others.
  • Understand different relationships and friendships.