Information about My World Kitchen

Target Age

3-8 years

Episode Information

Premieres 13th May, Mondays to Fridays at 8:40pm

Show Summary

The return of the hit series that sees talented young cooks take over the kitchen and celebrate their heritage by cooking their favourite recipes.

Children aged between five and seven years old share their own customs, traditions and the family secrets that go into making these fantastic dishes. The ingredients also come under the spotlight, as their friends are invited to try out an unfamiliar item before tasting it in the finished dish. As well as showing delicious and easy-to-make global recipes, this entertaining show helps young viewers learn about the locations and cultures behind them. The latest series features dishes from countries including Sri Lanka, Australia, Zimbabwe, Trinidad, Chile, Brazil, Bulgaria and Tibet

Main Characters

Ainsley Harriott as Narrator

Educational Benefits

My World Kitchen helps children with:

  • communication and language development
  • understanding the world
  • basic culinary skills
  • personal social and emotional development

My World Kitchen is produced by Terrific Television a UK production company specialising in content for children and young people.