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Recent Feedback


We live in Singapore. My daughter is keen to send in a photo of her pet and for it to be on TV in Singapore. How do we make this happen please? What's the correct email address?

Thank you, Angela


Dear Angela,

Thank you for your message to CBeebies in Asia.

Entries to the My Pet & Me photo album campaign have now closed. However, please look out for details on our next My Pet & Me campaign, which will be promoted on our Facebook page in November.

Best wishes,



My 3 y.o. son loves the Blaze animal island. In fact he has been asking (and crying) for the show. Will the series be back soon. Thanks.


Dear Suhaila,

Thank you for your message to CBeebies in Asia.

This is not a programme that we show on CBeebies but you may enjoy some of our forthcoming premieres, including new episodes of Sarah & Duck, and Peg + Cat.

Best wishes,



I can not find/access the recipes of I can cook... Please help.


I have sent a photo of my son and his pet to enter the "My Pet and Me Campaign' and I learnt that the campaign runs from 4 September. May I know that if I would receive an email notifying me whether or not our photo was selected and about the date of boradcasting our photo? Thank you very much.


Dear Tracy,

Thank you for your message to CBeebies in Asia.

Entrants to the My Pet & Me campaign are not sent a confirmation e-mail. However, upon entering, you should have seen an alert confirming that your entry had been received.

We have checked with the relevant team and your entry has been received. Your entry will be featured on CBeebies in the My Pet & Me album, which starts on the channel on Tuesday 12th September. We hope that you enjoy watching this and thank you for taking the time to enter.

Best wishes,



I am from Hong Kong. I am searching over the webs for an episode by Nisha in Cbeebies, introducing the animal chickens before the program My Pet and Me - "I know all about chickens. Chickens are very friendly animals. ............. " It was so funny, I would like to see that again, but I can't find it over the webs or in Cbeebies website.

I wonder if you could help and favor me a copy of the episode. Thanks.


Can the Go Jetters come and visit Borobudur temple in Indonesia please? It is said to be one of the wonders of the world...